Car Wash - 10th Oct 2009

Thanks every one for a tremendous effort at the car wash on Saturday. We made about 320 which is a great start to our fundraising campaign!! We now need ideas to continue collecting some cash. Some thoughts we have had are

1. Starting a 100 club. Some of you may be familiar with this as the Tows club (and several schools) do this. We would need to sell 100 numbers for 1 each month (12/year). If each boy could charm 4 people to join we would almost be there!! A cash prize is awarded each month according to the drawn number. Its a good way of bringing in a steady funding for the future.

2. Bingo night - we thought we would try this in the club house one night in Jan - Steve could you check the club house availability for ? Jan 31st?

3. Funny faces quiz- distorted famous (rugby) faces - sell for 1. COuld do well if pushed hard at the club house and with ever supportive and generous friends and family!! Prob is K and I have no idea how to do it - any expertise out there??
4. any other ideas very welcome!!

Thanks all
Nic Boyd